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Making websites mean business


Do you know how well your website performs?
Do you know how well your website performs?

A Service Tailored To Your Needs

At WPG we recognise that websites differ widely in terms of their scale and complexity. That’s why we’ve created three distinct service levels giving you the ability to select the most appropriate package for your website.

Our Pricing Structure & Policy

Our pricing structure is simple. The more reporting you require the cheaper the cost of each report. And just to add a little more value, we offer a worthwhile discount should you wish to purchase your service package upfront.

All our packages are based on a minimum 12-month contract.

As you can see, our packages start from as little as £3 a week and only rise to £6 a week for the full monthly service.

A small price to pay for the comfort of knowing that your website is always in peak condition to deliver new enquiries and sales!


Monthly Reporting

Recommended for medium to large clients with relatively large websites (over 10 pages) incorporating customer enquiry and purchase interactivity. Your website is likely to be business critical.

£30 per month
Equivalent to £30 per report
OR save £60 and pay £300 upfront.

Bi-Monthly Reporting

Recommended for medium clients with standard websites (5-10 pages) incorporating customer enquiry interactivity. Your website is important to your business and you wish to develop it.

£20 per month
Equivalent to £40 per report
OR save £40 and pay £200 upfront.

Quarterly Reporting

Recommended for smaller clients with basic or developing websites incorporating minimal interactivity. Your website is either new or needs to increase it's importance as a business tool.

£15 per month
Equivalent to £45 per report
OR save £30 and pay £150 upfront.

Start improving your site now
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...and it works!

We invested heavily in our website but had no idea how it was actually performing. Through WPG we identified several areas requiring attention and followed their advice on how to make the improvements required.
The result was an instant increase in online enquiries and sales and we now eagerly anticipate the arrival of our monthly report.

Tim - Knutsford Tri Club
We made 4 changes to the the site based on the report and saw a 19.6% performance increase which in turn delivered a 73% increase on our Google analytics and delivered more enquirys through the site. Amazing. Thank You.

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